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Welcome to the Paper Eden Blog

It must be Autumn.

I have come to this conclusion as I have just prepared an Apple and Blackberry Crumble.  The apples and blackberries safely harvested from kind friends’ gardens before the frosts arrive.  The crumble topping to give the, oh so, satisfying crunch.  The only reason I know it’s Autumn and not Winter is because I will serve it with double cream rather than hot, steaming custard.

OK, so Autumn doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow, but what else evokes Autumn?

The children back at school, summer duvets being changed for their thicker, and warmer alternatives, the leaves ever changing colours and starting to fall.  Although the days are getting shorter again, there is something very satisfying about returning home in the evening, drawing the blinds, slipping into cosy slippers and sitting round the table to share a casserole, stew or even a fruit crumble!

So although it may be disheartening to see the back of another summer there is plenty to look forward to in the new season.  Bonfire night isn’t far away and Christmas will arrive before we know it.

Enjoy Autumn because before we know it I will be blogging about the arrival of Winter!

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What to do with the kids when it’s raining!

Well as usual the British weather is true to form.  Bank holiday week combined with half term and its pouring down.  Forget the park, even if it should stop raining it will be like a bog.  All the indoor activity centres will be chock-a-block.  So what should we do to while away the hours?

My eldest son’s holiday homework is to write a diary over the holidays.  (Now that’s my kind of homework!)  He has done really well with an entry for everyday, so well in fact I am on the verge of suggesting he continues when he goes back to school.  I am not sure how well this suggestion will go down, however the promise of a lovely new journal to write in may just swing it.  The Ecojot range is ideal for children as they are hard wearing notebooks with the added benefits of being 100% recycled, acid-free, and the paper is chlorine free.  I think I might see if the Cats notebook would be the one to motivate him.

But as we all know we need to take the kids out at least once a day to maintain any remaining sanity so today we headed to the Natural History Museum at Tring in Hertfordshire which I would highly recommend to anyone who lives in the Home Counties.  It’s a sister museum to the Natural History Museum in London and it’s ideal for a half day trip.  They have some good quizzes and activity rucksacks to keep the children engaged and best of all its free.  Oh, and if it should stop raining, take a picnic as there is a lovely garden too and Tring Park is right next door.

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Jubilee Weekend Approaches

There is definitely a feeling of anticipation in the air, maybe it’s just the fact that a four day weekend and half term approaches, maybe it’s the party feeling starting to rise up in everyone, but most likely it’s a combination of both.  The Diamond Jubilee, like the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton last year, is giving everyone a reason to celebrate. 

If you are anything like me and my friends we don’t need much of an excuse but somehow knowing millions of others will also be hanging the bunting, lighting the barbecue and mixing the Pimms makes it all a bit more special.  We will be celebrating on Sunday with a bring and share lunch and 22 of our closest friends.  And for some mad reason I agreed to host the whole shebang!  I have been choosing the recipes and so far have settled on Nigella’s Warm Potato Salad and Heston’s Diamond Jubilee Strawberry Crumble Crunch

With all this catering plus the children being home for a week I am going to make best use of my Organised Mum Menu Planner and Shopping List to make sure I don’t forget any of the essential ingredients.  Have a great Jubilee Bank Holiday!

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